About push traffic and what its arbitration leads to

Do you know why many do not like advertisers? Because they are very big lovers to ruin everything. Recall the initial idea behind push mailing: helping users and profitable marketing for entrepreneurs. But fellow advertisers were able to spoil the development by inventing push traffic arbitrage. Simply put, you can sell your traffic to get an extra penny. Just a pretty penny and get it if you do so, as selling traffic will not lead to anything good. Why? How to sell traffic to the ad network? Why is this not worth it? And what kind of word is this - an advertising network? Now let's figure it out, scroll down.

New word: push traffic. What is it?

First, remember what push notifications are:
Push notifications (or push-notifications) are small messages that appear on the screen of your gadget (smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop), consisting of a title, description and image.

A little about the benefits of this type of mailing:

  1. Quick and easy collection of customer base
  2. The ability to divide subscribers into groups (segment), use targeting.
  3. Quick transition from notification to the site
  4. This type of mailing is available on all types of devices with Internet access.
  5. Free newsletter for the user, low cost for the entrepreneur
  6. Absolute unobtrusiveness
  7. The ability to quickly subscribe without providing any contact information, and just as quickly unsubscribe.
All these charms are present in our service "Pushmoose" . The only difference is that in our service there are no limits and the connection of push mailing to your site is completely free. What is good with us:
  • Notification of a forgotten basket. You can increase sales of your store - just remind users of the goods that they left in the basket.
  • Unlimited subscribers. You can turn every visitor to your site into a subscriber. And do not worry about the limits - they are not there.
  • Cross platform support. You can send notifications to any devices or browsers. No additional applications are required for this.
  • Direct marketing. Increase ad visibility - send notifications directly to the customer’s screen.
  • Notifications of goods received and discounts. Notify of newly available popular products and discounts
And all this beauty is completely free. Do not slow down, register.
So, push traffic is the client base of your Internet resource that you can sell or to which you can take measures to profit (in other words, monetize).

Arbitration of push traffic is a mistake for business. Why?

Arbitration of traffic is its sale. The customer base can be sold in the advertising network. What is an ad network?

An ad network is a system for placing contextual advertising, as well as advertising based on the behavior of users on the Web. This site acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the developer. The partners of such sites are information or entertainment sites whose owners earn on advertising.

Consider the sale process in more detail. First, of course, you sell the subscriber base. It falls into the hands of some third parties, about which you have a very vague concept, and among the notifications from your site strange advertising pushing starts to appear. With this action you not only disrespect your subscribers, but also violated their rights, namely the rules processing personal data.

Well, now imagine yourself in the place of your subscriber. You sit, which means that you are waiting for a notification about a new article on your favorite site, hear a sound, joyfully check and ... you see a push with an offer to bet on unknown sports teams. Or with an advertisement for some casino. Somehow it became unpleasant, right? Since you don’t really know who they sold the base to, the notifications may be worse than the ones described above: for example, there will be adult content. What will you do, like any other subscriber? That's right - unsubscribe from this newsletter. Naturally, your credibility in your once beloved website will decrease and you will become less likely to go there.

Now back to the chair of the site owner, who sold his base of subscribers. Notifications from third parties will do great harm to your site:

  • You will lose the trust of loyal users who were interested in the content of your site (in fact, that's why they clicked "Subscribe")
  • There is a huge outflow of the audience. Nobody wants to receive notifications from anyone. In a more successful scenario, you will receive a mass unsubscription from the notification mailing, however, many of the unsubscribed users will continue to visit your site.
  • The site traffic is falling (i.e. the number of visits for a certain unit of time)

Now consider a different, but no less dumb strategy for promoting your site. Namely, the purchase of someone else's customer base. It is worth noting immediately that you are becoming a great and terrible spammer, one of those who can not stand.

Recall again our poor subscriber. By subscribing to notifications, he agrees to receive messages only from the site for which he has subscribed to the newsletter. Notifications from another site are one hundred percent imposition of information, which in most cases is irrelevant. And here again: mass unsubscribing from the newsletter, outflow of the audience and other terrible things. We don’t want this, right?

If traffic arbitrage is a crooked track, then how to create a great push feed ???

Indeed, instead of engaging in the nonsense described above, it is better to direct your forces and money in the right direction. That is, develop an effective push mailing strategy. What you need to do for this:

  1. Define your campaign goals and think about your budget. Several options for goals:
    • Install the application
    • Improving content views
    • Brand Recognition
  2. Target. For the first newsletter, you should not configure all its types at once (in the future you can reconfigure targeting after you analyze the results of the first newsletter). You need to understand who your customer is and, based on this, set up the following targeting:
    • Country and city of the client (i.e. his geolocation)
    • Device types (mobile and desktop)
    • Client device operating system
    • Mobile carrier
    • Client browser language
  3. Design the look of your notice. To attract an audience, you need to interest or surprise it with something. Push notifications, of course, are quite small messages, but there is plenty of space for creativity. In your arsenal there are:
    • Notification icon
    • Large image
    • Title (up to 30 characters) and description (up to 40 characters)
  4. Frequency setting. It is unlikely that a client will be able to send several notifications of the same type per day. Your message should be supported by new and relevant information.
  5. With proper configuration, your push mailing can be a great way to contact users.

What do we have in the end?

So, as you already understood, traffic arbitrage is a bad business and not for real businessmen. Your site will suffer huge damage, and you can easily earn nothing on this. Therefore, it is best to direct all your resources in the right direction and go to success in honest ways, rather than trying to cheat and make money quickly.


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