How to create push notifications for a site?

Push mailing is a young innovative technology, which is a new marketing channel for communication with the audience. It has a number of unique properties and advantages that are not characteristic of other marketing channels.

Many site owners very often think about connecting to push mailing. However, many do not understand why it is and why it is effective. Often there are times when site owners connect push mailings to their sites just because it is fashionable now and everyone does it. Hm, a cool reason. This is not a good result: many do not understand how push mailings are applied and how they are created. Well, let's figure out how to create a push newsletter.

How to connect notifications to the site?

You have two ways to connect push mailing to your site. The first and easiest way is to activate the push notification service. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes and you will have the opportunity to appreciate the full power of the push. The second option is to develop a push newsletter for your site yourself. If such work is not entrusted to a professional performer, then the quality of the developed mailing will differ from the push-mailing service in approximately the same way as a “Lada” from a “Mercedes”. She may work. The only question is: how will she do it?

So, we will consider two ways:

  • Connection of a ready-made service
  • DIY development

PushMoose Service

Our experts have developed the excellent Pushmoose push notification service, which you can connect for free.
Advantages of our service:

  • Notification of a forgotten basket. You can raise sales of your store - just remind users of the goods that they left in the basket.
  • Unlimited subscribers. You can turn every visitor to your site into a subscriber. And do not worry about the limits - they are not there.
  • Cross-platform support. You can send notifications to any devices or browsers. No additional applications are required for this.
  • Direct marketing. Improve your visibility - send notifications directly to the customer’s screen.
  • Notifications of goods received and discounts. Notify about newly available products that are popular and discounts.
And all this is absolutely free. Register and connect high-quality and effective push newsletter to your site.

DIY JavaScript-based functional development

Before you start developing your push mailing list, rather than using ready-made services, you should understand that mailing list development is very laborious, requires a lot of time and effort. The result will depend on how competently you get to the point, the professionalism of the developers and how attentive you are to the small details.

Push technology is mainly promoted by Google, so all technical documentation is available on their website: push notifications for web app and for open web .

Technology Principle:
The server on which the site is located (hereinafter referred to as the site) transmits the page to the Browser (client), which connects to the message server where it registers and receives a personal identifier (ID). Then the client sends its ID to the site, where the data is processed taking into account information about the users device. After assigning an ID to a specific device, the site sends messages through the message server to the client. Subscribing, sending and delivering notifications runs on JavaScript.

We recommend working according to Google documentation. There you will find detailed instructions for creating your push newsletter.

Comparison of two methods.

Now let's compare the methods. Let's start with the installation speed.

Installing push mailing using our Pushmoose service will take no more than 20 minutes, and it can take a lot of time to prepare all the components for your push mailing, testing and fixing it.

Prices are always different, but the difference is palpable. In the development of your newsletter you will need to invest five-digit amounts, plus the costs of updates and changes. On our service you can connect everything for free. In my opinion, there is a difference: to pour colossal amounts into your own project, which in the future will require more investment of rather large amounts, or connect everything for free and invest your multi-valued amounts into the development of your business.

Ease of use. It all depends on what amounts you invested in the project at the development stage. A convenient, high-quality and beautiful interface, as well as the ability to compile statistics, are far from the basic functions of push mailing. This will take time and money, and no one can guarantee a good result. “Pushmoose” provides a convenient interface and all the necessary functions for implementing a successful push mailing strategy. And again - all for free.

Safety is paramount. For large companies, it is important that no data leak occurs. In part, this justifies the independent development of push mailing. After all, data leakage for a large company is a very serious problem, so most often they refuse the services of third-party companies. Our service guarantees the security of all your personal data.

So think, comrade entrepreneurs, what is more profitable for you. Connect our service in 10-20 minutes or tinker with the development of your own newsletter?

Using push mailing with other marketing channels

By itself, push mailing is an effective method of increasing sales and attracting new customers, but the effect will be even better if you use push along with other marketing channels. This is called multi-channel.

Multichannel - using several marketing channels to promote your business .

For example, you can use push mailing with email newsletters. In the push itself, you can briefly, and at the same time, intriguingly and attractively report something. For example, by sending a notice of the sale, you can simultaneously send an email of the same subject, but with a more detailed description of the sale, and maybe even with individual offers. This will definitely help you boost your online store sales.

You can certainly use pushy along with SMS. If you, for example, run an airline, then the pushies will be useful in that they will notify you of discounts on tickets, and SMS will be sent to the client on the phone with information about the flight for which he bought the ticket. The disadvantage of such a mix of channels is that you have to pay for SMS mailing, which is not cheap at all.


As a result, we can say that connecting a push-notification service, instead of developing your own mailing list, and using other marketing channels along with your push mailing list, will have a good effect on your business. Connecting the service will save time and money, and multi-channel will increase sales and user loyalty.


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